Hong Kong Nightlife: June 21 – July 1

Things you may or may not want to do over this and next weekend:


The Hype of Summer (FB event):

22 June @ Pier 9 — $750 with promo code, but this is probably going to be postponed due to a typhoon, or at least very heavy rain. Still, keep an eye out for their rescheduled date.


Liar’s League (FB event)

June 24 @ The Fringe Club — Free entry. This month’s Liar’s League theme is “Lust & Chastity”. A shortlisted selection of original short fiction is acted out by schooled and auditioned actors. I went to the inaugural session at Fill in the Blank back in the day, and it’s a combination of hilarious and poignant, depending on the stories you get. Here’s where you’ll meet the sensitive souls of the literary crowd. English teachers make great summer flings because they won’t ever have to go to work. Just saying.Image

Beach Carnival Round 2 (FB event)

June 29 — Now this is what I’m talking about. This will be my last party of the month, for I’m off to Cambodia for all of July. $250 for an all-day pass, with an open bar. How on earth is it possible to have enough booze for that? The location is secret and will only be released when you get your ticket.


Hong Kong Junk Fest (FB event)

June 30 @ Pier 9 — $500. Long weekend party! Though I’m not really sure what’s going on here. They want a lot of boats? Are they chaining the boats together? Racially segregating us? What?