HKRecycles Review: Ugh

HK Recycles bags

I interrupt the usual program to bring you a special rant on HKRecycles, a service that I’d been looking forward to getting for a long time.

Finally, I convinced my boyfriend to start with some recycling, since HKRecycles doesn’t deliver to my area. I set up the billing cycle, our beautiful recycling bags were delivered, we separated all our trash like OCD squirrels, finding as many things as we could to recycle, and put them out on Monday night as we were told. The next morning, our bags were gone. Maintenance had mistaken it for trash, because serves us right for trying to do something as radical as recycling in Hong Kong.

Well, ok, we’ll email them for some new bags. We had to pay another $100 for a new set, and either they could be delivered the coming Tuesday, or we could go to their Sheung Wan office to pick it up, but would have to arrange for a specific time and date as they didn’t always have someone in the office. Don’t they have a receptionist of some kind? We both decided to wait for Tuesday since it was already quite late in the week by this point.

On Tuesday, only two out of the four bags were delivered. We were missing paper and cans. Seeing as the bulk of our trash is beer cans by the dozen and shredded doodles, this was a huge problem, so we ask for another set. This was nine days ago. Tuesday rolls around, and our one glass of apple juice is taken away (this time we label the bags telling maintenance that this isn’t their business), but STILL NO BAGS.

WHY, HKRECYCLES? WHY? Why are you making it so difficult for your customer to continue throwing money at you? Prior to this I had made a few inquiries about getting recycling done for my office as well. Numbers were exchanged but there was zero follow-up. Both times I’m quite sure I was emailing with Brian Mak, the head honcho (we are both invited to the same junk boat this weekend too…awkward!) so it’s understandable that he’s busy, but if he’s that busy, then they should double their rates to cover the cost of a troubleshooting rep and week-long delivery person.

It’s great that the service is so cheap, but it seems that it’s also affecting the quality of their service. It’s not a difficult service to mess up, but a minor screw-up turns the entire process tedious, even for someone like me who really, really wants recycling in their life.

There also doesn’t seem to be much available by way of reviews on their service, either. Blogs mention its service, but none of them have ever seemed to actually try it out. So to avoid the only awful thing about this service, don’t lose your bags is all you need to do. Tie some strong string around the handles and attach it to your front door gates or the knob on the inside of the door, and put up a sign or something. I sure wish someone had told us that at the start.


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