Spring @ Chai Wan




ao vertical 2


This is why it’s fun to bring your local friends to an erotic art exhibition.

ao vertical

Alright, alright, alright, here are some damn photos from awhile back at AO Vertical’s opening reception for its erotica art exhibition. Chai Wan is teeming with activity on its good nights, as you hop from massive gallery to gallery tucked away on the tenth floors of industrial buildings. I never go to art stuff for the art, it’s mostly for the drinking, eating, and looking.

ao vertical 9

After AO Vertical, we went over to the next street to something that is a kitschy furniture and clothing store in the day. I remember nothing but the MAD muffins and prosecco.


MAAAAD muffins.

ao vertical 6

Paintings and photographs occupied the third to thirteenth floors of the building, in what looks like the fire escape. Brilliant place for artwork. If you unsuccessfully run from a disaster, at least the last things you see will be these.

ao vertical 4

We’re not sure why he looks so pleased.


Tomorrow, June 8, is your last day to see Spring at AO Vertical.





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