Hong Kong Nightlife: June 21 – July 1

Things you may or may not want to do over this and next weekend:


The Hype of Summer (FB event):

22 June @ Pier 9 — $750 with promo code, but this is probably going to be postponed due to a typhoon, or at least very heavy rain. Still, keep an eye out for their rescheduled date.


Liar’s League (FB event)

June 24 @ The Fringe Club — Free entry. This month’s Liar’s League theme is “Lust & Chastity”. A shortlisted selection of original short fiction is acted out by schooled and auditioned actors. I went to the inaugural session at Fill in the Blank back in the day, and it’s a combination of hilarious and poignant, depending on the stories you get. Here’s where you’ll meet the sensitive souls of the literary crowd. English teachers make great summer flings because they won’t ever have to go to work. Just saying.Image

Beach Carnival Round 2 (FB event)

June 29 — Now this is what I’m talking about. This will be my last party of the month, for I’m off to Cambodia for all of July. $250 for an all-day pass, with an open bar. How on earth is it possible to have enough booze for that? The location is secret and will only be released when you get your ticket.


Hong Kong Junk Fest (FB event)

June 30 @ Pier 9 — $500. Long weekend party! Though I’m not really sure what’s going on here. They want a lot of boats? Are they chaining the boats together? Racially segregating us? What?


HKRecycles Review: Ugh

HK Recycles bags

I interrupt the usual program to bring you a special rant on HKRecycles, a service that I’d been looking forward to getting for a long time.

Finally, I convinced my boyfriend to start with some recycling, since HKRecycles doesn’t deliver to my area. I set up the billing cycle, our beautiful recycling bags were delivered, we separated all our trash like OCD squirrels, finding as many things as we could to recycle, and put them out on Monday night as we were told. The next morning, our bags were gone. Maintenance had mistaken it for trash, because serves us right for trying to do something as radical as recycling in Hong Kong.

Well, ok, we’ll email them for some new bags. We had to pay another $100 for a new set, and either they could be delivered the coming Tuesday, or we could go to their Sheung Wan office to pick it up, but would have to arrange for a specific time and date as they didn’t always have someone in the office. Don’t they have a receptionist of some kind? We both decided to wait for Tuesday since it was already quite late in the week by this point.

On Tuesday, only two out of the four bags were delivered. We were missing paper and cans. Seeing as the bulk of our trash is beer cans by the dozen and shredded doodles, this was a huge problem, so we ask for another set. This was nine days ago. Tuesday rolls around, and our one glass of apple juice is taken away (this time we label the bags telling maintenance that this isn’t their business), but STILL NO BAGS.

WHY, HKRECYCLES? WHY? Why are you making it so difficult for your customer to continue throwing money at you? Prior to this I had made a few inquiries about getting recycling done for my office as well. Numbers were exchanged but there was zero follow-up. Both times I’m quite sure I was emailing with Brian Mak, the head honcho (we are both invited to the same junk boat this weekend too…awkward!) so it’s understandable that he’s busy, but if he’s that busy, then they should double their rates to cover the cost of a troubleshooting rep and week-long delivery person.

It’s great that the service is so cheap, but it seems that it’s also affecting the quality of their service. It’s not a difficult service to mess up, but a minor screw-up turns the entire process tedious, even for someone like me who really, really wants recycling in their life.

There also doesn’t seem to be much available by way of reviews on their service, either. Blogs mention its service, but none of them have ever seemed to actually try it out. So to avoid the only awful thing about this service, don’t lose your bags is all you need to do. Tie some strong string around the handles and attach it to your front door gates or the knob on the inside of the door, and put up a sign or something. I sure wish someone had told us that at the start.

Spring @ Chai Wan




ao vertical 2


This is why it’s fun to bring your local friends to an erotic art exhibition.

ao vertical

Alright, alright, alright, here are some damn photos from awhile back at AO Vertical’s opening reception for its erotica art exhibition. Chai Wan is teeming with activity on its good nights, as you hop from massive gallery to gallery tucked away on the tenth floors of industrial buildings. I never go to art stuff for the art, it’s mostly for the drinking, eating, and looking.

ao vertical 9

After AO Vertical, we went over to the next street to something that is a kitschy furniture and clothing store in the day. I remember nothing but the MAD muffins and prosecco.


MAAAAD muffins.

ao vertical 6

Paintings and photographs occupied the third to thirteenth floors of the building, in what looks like the fire escape. Brilliant place for artwork. If you unsuccessfully run from a disaster, at least the last things you see will be these.

ao vertical 4

We’re not sure why he looks so pleased.


Tomorrow, June 8, is your last day to see Spring at AO Vertical.




Full Moons & Croquets

Full Moon Party (6)

I woke up with a pulled butt muscle from rolling off a picnic table, a pinched ankle, a bruise on my knee, a cigarette burn on my wrist and new scabby mosquito bites. Danny reports a hole in his crotch, tree branch scratches and probably a massive hangover. Sure, I’ll say the Full Moon Party had to be at least mildly fun. Ok, it was a lot of fun.

The party had a small hill overlooking the water for people to chill out and roll around drunk on, and a raving dance floor under a small dome structure. Given all the other options going on tonight, this was definitely the right place to be at.

Full Moon Party (7)

It was a long half hour walk from the Promenade because god knows who dissuaded the group from taking a cab in, laden with cockroaches, ick! Trust in Google Maps next time!

Before heading over, we grabbed a shitload of sparkling wine and perched along the stone wall for a scattered, treacherous game of Ring of Fire, a parlour favourite when in mixed company. The afternoon was spent croquetting at an Oxbridge garden party thing, Pimm’s and blue sky and all. Croquet is supposed to be one of those posh things I should hate but is actually really fun, but it would be even more fun if the mallets looked like flamingos.

Full Moon Party (10)

Brittany: Aren’t you afraid that your dark shirt will trap heat from the sunlight?

Danny: The flamingos will protect me!

Full Moon Party (11)

We had trouble catching a cab after lunching at Limehouse on Ship Street, so we decided to just pose for a million photos, excluding the one person who actually went to work hard to hail all of our lazy asses a cab. Hehe oops.

Snoozy Q roger out.