Hong Kong Nightlife: May 30 – June 2

It’s definitely a sign (a bad one) of how fragmented Hong Kong’s indie nightlife scene is when there are three one-off parties are competing for attention, and then none in the following weeks.

Considering that tourists aren’t likely to find out about these in time and locals tend to be reluctant to move outside their comfort zone or read the entire Facebook event in English, that means that everyone is competing for an extremely finite pool of party-goers – at most, 250,000, or the 3% of the Hong Kong population who are English users. Throw in another 15,000 Frenchies, and then adjust for people who actually care about the quality of their drunk-socializing – it’s not that many.

Maybe this is just some secret showdown between them all to see who will thrive when faced with competition, but generally everyone agrees that they’re all shooting themselves in the foot. Get it together and space out the damn parties so we can throw more money at you! In any case, here’s where you want to be this week that’s not Lan Kwai Fong:

Boujis x Sailspin - Sin or Swim

Sin or Swim (FB event)

MAY 30 — Who cares what kind of music they’ll play, it’s nautical ’50s-themed and there’s free booze! I’ve been perfecting my Suicide Roll hairdo for special occasions like dressing up as a pin-up girl for some chance to win membership to some bar that doesn’t seem to enforce membership rules in general. Someone with breasts will probably take that Phuket vacation away from me. Oh well, at least it’ll mean they’re not a model.

Hexagon Hong Kong: Full Moon Party

Hong Kong Hexagon: Secret Full Moon Party (FB event)

JUNE 1 — There’s that word again. Secret. They’ve had poor luck all May and had to postpone the party twice, so here’s hoping third time’s the charm. They’re not revealing the location of the party until Friday at 6pm beyond that it’s in Stanley on the south side of the island, so sign up for their also secret (you know, I don’t think people understand what that word means anymore) mailing list and sit pretty. $100 “donation” to circumvent the liquor license and you’re all set.

EXP warehouse summer

EXP Warehouse Party: Summer Edition (FB event)

JUNE 1 — Another one!! The previous one was fairly lackluster, partially due to the subpar sound system and the venue too large for how many attendees there were. Its BYOB is going to make me and the 7/11 nearby very happy. EXP’s party is easy to get to, a stone’s throw away from Kwun Tong MTR station. The neighbourhood is in the middle of some serious gentrification, there may not be too many more of these.


Dandy (FB page)

JUNE 1 — Previously Paradisco in Ap Lei Chau, Lucas has relocated to an indoor location in Wong Chuk Hang just in time for the rainy season. Share a cab with friends from anywhere on Hong Kong Island and it’ll come to a reasonable price. The DJ has something against top 40s, so those looking for alternative electronic music and a relaxed vibe should chance it out here.

LYV Summer Kick-off Beach Party

LYV Summer Kick-off Beach Party (FB event)

JUNE 1 — At $850, this one is most likely where all the Soho chachis are taking off to for a change. There is a two hour open bar, and buses that will take you to and from Pui O beach on Lantau Island. Eh.


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Nightlife: May 30 – June 2

  1. These events look awesome! I was tempted to go to the warehouse party last weekend, but I was scared it’d be super hot and stuffy inside haha

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