We Wanted to be The Sky @ Hidden Agenda

We Wanted to be the Sky @ Hidden Agenda

Clever band branding move, except that link is broken.

I went to Hidden Agenda last night with the intention of seeing The Dodos on Holly’s recommendation. And since I might not get accepted into school here, this might be my last chance to go see the venue!

Instead, what happened was I somehow drank too much at dinner and on the way over, was super high for this tough-cute and possibly South African opening band, then went to fall asleep on a really comfortable, plush couch at the back of the venue (best/worst furniture decision ever, by the way).

Then I woke up with the world spinning towards the song and had to go puke up dinner during the encore. Couldn’t we have saved this for the actual weekend?

If it had been the real weekend, I would have been ready for round two again right after, because party on.

All I remember of the Dodos was that they looked tired and wearing a uniform of white T-shirt and black jeans and shoes. I was pretty much wearing the lady version of that. Could easily have snuck off to Seoul with them.


One thought on “We Wanted to be The Sky @ Hidden Agenda

  1. Hey! This is a great story!
    The link – wwtbts.com – should be working now. Come and find us!
    We Wanted To Be The Sky

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